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anyone else still sticking on 6s plus?

Went down to try the new xs and xs max. It looked great but I didn’t feel like I needed to upgraded ever since updating to iOS12, especially at the price apple is asking for. Anyone in the same shoes as me? Guess I’ll go replace my battery in the next few weeks since it’s at 79%Xvideos Xnxx Chaturbate

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Hi jaaneman,

this is a predominantly German speaking forum. So I suggest you either look for an English speaking forum, or try to give German a shot Zwinkern

Concering your topic: we are all facing the steep price tag of Apple, but most people just live with it.
I just swapped my 6s after 4 years and after changing my battery and upgrading to iOS 12 it was still a decent device.
It's all up to you! Decide according to your preferences and needs.

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I think an iphone 6s is still a good useable phone. I myself don't want those big phones as I am still on an iPhone SE. It's pretty fast and size is more important to me than a better bigger screen.
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