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[Download] iXfer USB-iPhone Manager

iXfer - transfer everything everywhere !

Connect your iPhone via USB to your PC and you iXfer will give you the tools to manage your contacts and your files - currently.

Yes, there is some work left, which will be done as soon as possible to give full management control to iXfer.

Current things to do:
· Calendar
· iTunes
· Backup
· Synchronize
· Multiprofile usage

iXfer is a self developed progam, no comercial tool.

It's born out of the idea, that the right management, contol, and caring about whats profile what and where somebody can customize
his iPhone as the people want, not even apple wants.

Everybody has the right to customize and manage his own bought iPhone at himself.

It might be right, that the iPhone is being better safed against atacks of hack softwares, but whats about the goodies of a personality and customized iPhone?

So here comes iXfer! The tool to give the autonomy back to the owners!
Everything, whats possible to manage will be managed from everybody, everywhere!
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